Carson is an official Bosphorus Cymbals Artist! These boutique cymbals are 100% handmade in Istanbul, Turkey and sound incredible! Carson currently plays on the 20th Anniversary, Masters, and Traditional Series.



Ludwig is one of the oldest drum companies in the United States and has an exceptionally rich history. Carson currently plays on a Custom Ordered Keystone X with Classic Hardware in the classic ‘jazzette’ sizes (12×18 – inch bass, 8×12 – inch tom, and 14×14 – inch tom) as well as a Classic Maple Hybrid 8×14 snare drum. These drums are all finished in the beautiful ‘Night Oak’ finish.



These are some very special drums. No longer manufactured, Slingerland was played by the jazz greats of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s until the companies demise. Carson plays on a 1966 Gene Krupa outfit (14×20 – inch bass, 9×13 – inch tom, and 16×16 – inch tom) in a Walnut lacq uer finish and absolutely loves these vintage drums.



Carson exclusively uses Vater drum sticks. His favorite models are the Sugar Maple 8a and the Hickory Manhattan 7a. Vater begun producing sticks in 1956 for jazz greats Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, and Philly Joe Jones and continues to make the highest quality stick to this day.



Carson exclusively uses Remo drum heads. His set up consists of coated ambassadors on top and bottom of his toms, coated ambassador and snare side diplomat for his snares, and clear/fiberskyn powerstroke 3 heads on his kick. Although his setups change periodically, they are always equipped with Remo drum heads. Check them out!